About The Course

The Bible is a remarkable Book to explore and understand. It is our aim in this course to assist you to become a skilful explorer of the Bible in your own right. The course is designed to commence at the very beginning of the Bible in Genesis chapter one. After a few weeks you will see that there are many signposts you can use to assist you to become a competent reader and explorer yourself. You will soon be sharing with others the treasures you have found.

The course was first developed to meet the needs of people like yourself who had a desire to gain a greater understanding of the story of the Bible and its fundamental message. The notes were prepared for an "Exploring the Bible" Class that has been regularly held at the Christadelphian Hall, Enfield, South Australia. These notes were prepared by the leader of the class, David Evans, so that those attending could review the matter that was covered each night. Because of the subsequent demand for these notes it has been decided to now make them available to all who wish to likewise explore the Bible and understand its message.

We would mention that these notes have proved beneficial in many ways.
• They are now being used for:
• Bible Seminars
• First Principles Classes for young and old
• Parents teaching their Children the basic message of the Bible
• Correspondence Bible Study Course
• Tuition notes
• And now as a distance learning program through the Internet.

It is to this end that we present these notes. We hope that you will soon be enjoying the pleasure and profit from the Bible that many before you have gained.

On behalf of the Christadelphians


How the Course Works

The "Exploring the Bible" distance learning program is entirely FREE. It is designed to be an on-line interactive learning program for your enjoyment and convenience in your home or work. To begin the course, simply go to the registration area.
There are a few simple steps that you will need to follow so that you are soon on your way to exploring the Bible confidently and effectively yourself. This course is completely interactive so that any text or quote which is underlined is a link to a quote or explanation in our "reference frame" to your right. Click our example. While this frame is convenient we would also suggest the following:

1. The Bible is the Text Book. Slowly read through the Bible chapter given at the head of your notes. To start with there may be many things that you do not understand - don't worry, you soon will.

2. Read through the notes. Look up (and click on) the quotes and see if they help your understanding of the section. If you have questions then list them and e-mail us about them. When you register you will be allotted an e-mail instructor with whom you will be able to correspond and have your questions answered.

3. If you have a Bible with a margin use it for added support references. Often it will direct you to passages that may help you further.

4. If the margin mentions that the verse you are considering is quoted in the New Testament then look it up. The best help that you can have in understanding a passage is the explanation given by Jesus Christ or one of the apostles.

5. When you have read through the notes look at the points that are listed at the end of each section. We have tried to summarise the most important points there.

6. Make your own notes as you read through. This will help you to become familiar with noting the important points in your future studies.

7. It is a great help and important tool if you wish to explore the Bible to know where the books of the Bible are. It does not take long to memorise the books of the Bible - just a little patience and effort and you will soon be as familiar with them as you are with the alphabet.

Remember - there was a time for most of us before we commenced taking a serious look at the Bible that we knew little about it. So please don't be afraid to ask, as we do understand that it can seem confusing at the start.

Answering the Questions:
You will notice that at the end of each lesson there are some questions based on that lesson. These are designed to assist you to review the lesson. Fill out the question form and submit them to us and you will receive the password for the next lesson. Please fill out fully each form when submitting.